Gods Ghetto.
Written by Holy Hustla.

Yo, let me take you on a journey, close your eyes,
I close my eyes and visualize a place with no beef
No hustlers, punks, thugs and no thief' s
Love is always around but no anger is shown
The loneliest person is never alone
No such thing as segregation
Cause there ain' t no such thing as race
No one saying; dogg I' ll put a hole in your face.

This place is one of a kind
This place is still in my mind
This is the Ghetto, Gods Ghetto
A place were milk and honey will always flow
The streets are gold
And the weather ain' t ever stormy or cold
This is Gods Ghetto and you know you' ve been told.

What is Gods Ghetto?
A place were there' s no illness
Every Ghettos house ain' t no slum, it' s a mansion
2pac comes close to this with his song Thugs Mansion
So I get down on my knees today to pray for a better day
Lord pleas to you I pray;
Save a place for me in Gods Ghetto, Heaven.
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Gods Ghetto. Lyrics

Holy Hustla – Gods Ghetto. Lyrics