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Blackhole Lyrics

Hollow Front – Blackhole Lyrics

Will you follow me down the path of no return?
I'll be guiding the way with a single light
As we move further from the day
And into this never-ending night

I forgot how it feels
Walking hand in hand with you right by my side
That's how it goes
But I'm left wondering will I always be alone

I've lost all control
I'm spiraling down a hole that never ends
Dreaming of time when it all made sense
But now I'm falling even faster

I wish that you could see
You've destroyed every part of me
That made me, me
All of my hopes and all of my dreams
Turn to ash right before my eyes
And I'm left screaming

You think you're better than me?
It must be nice upon that pedestal
You have created for yourself
And when you're rising up
I am falling down
And when I hit the ground
It won't make a fucking sound
The silence is profound

I just want to be free
From this agony
Because it's haunting me until the the day that I die
I can't help laughing
Because when I close my eyes
I only see your face
Each and everyday
It's a face that I despise

Someday things might possibly change
Maybe I'll heal or maybe I'll stay the same
Only time will tell if I can move forward
Without taking steps back
And get my life back on track

And when I close my eyes
I only see your face
What a cruel trick my mind plays
It's a face that I despise
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