I'm tired of foolin' around
I'm trying hard but I'm no Clark Gable
There's something I wanna say
Here are my cards on the table

The woman I love has eyes of blue
A face like heaven and a body like you
The woman I love is standing next to me

These words don't come easily
These words are a stranger in my town
But I am what I wanna be
Forget the high-brow here's the low-down

Chorus x2

It's funny how it never seems
To be the time or place
I can tell it to the world
But I can't tell it to your face

I got a secret I don't want anymore
I'd tell you about it but I'm too damn yellow
What does it matter if you walk out that door
What's to lose baby What the hell

Chorus x2

The woman I love is standing next to me
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The Woman I Love Lyrics

Hollies – The Woman I Love Lyrics

Songwriters: NIK KERSHAW
The Woman I Love lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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