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Driving Away Lyrics

Holiday Parade – Driving Away Lyrics

She's Driving Away from me as we speak
My letter in her hand
Her tongue in her cheek
She's listening to Morissey
All the while living like James Dean

She's driving away before it gets tough
Leaving me with my guitar
I'll leave you with this song
Two verses and a chorus
Maybe if I play it loud
You'll sing along
Sometime's you gotta scream it

Just go
Roll the windows down
With this song on the radio
You sing it out loud
Send you a postcard
As soon as I get there
Drive drive drive me to anywhere

She's driving away but stuck in the past
Why does it seem so long ago
But it all moves so fast
A girl with no solution yeah you had me
But I knew it couldn't last

She's driving away convinced it's a crime
That I'll continue singing 'til there's no breath left to rhyme
Too scared to take that next step
With no idea where we'll end up
I got nothing, she's got nothing
That's just fine
And now I got you singing it

Do you need me to spell it out for you?
Explain how one turns into two
I look back on the hell you put me through
And I am done now
Honey, be on your way

She's driving away from me as we speak
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