What you say nigga
I'm programmed to smoke grams of the...
Me and my girl and... World as we said on the bench
They thinking about past time 'cause the present's a gift
Less what we wanna... Bigger stress is a bitch
And I know you wanna run the way till you forget about me
And what we had to get that we had regrets
I wish there was a boy on this game so we could reset
I never want this space but we don't know had it ej

And for the record I ain't trippin on these other niggas...
'Cause another man can ever discover with em
And understand I'm a man so you think quicker
I think licker till I'm sicker we...
Trouble and stumbling over the gals curves
And you... Pretty lips fall words
My negative actively actions all...
Me and my... And you cruelly taking credit

I'm sorry
But you know... Keep pushing
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Warehouse Lyrics

Hodgy Beats – Warehouse Lyrics

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