Chorus: Do yo Gudda, do do do your Gudda, do do do yo Gudda, do yo Gudda, go from you head to your waist, go from your head to your waist, do yo Gudda like ya holding two straps then throw on yo ski mask, do yo Gudda, do do yo Gudda, do do yo Gudda

[Verse:]: (I'm in tha function) Drunk and I'm leanin', have your girl feenin', she don't catch feelings, baby is a genius, clubbin all night in the traffic in the evening, gotta stash runnin from the cops for no reason, when you want the Dollas they gone be chased, three puffs blowing spoke in the police face, over reacting love her little accent, s*** thick and not afraid to get active, soon as we step in the building Ciroc, for me I want you to take more than a shot, catch us on the dance floor to much I'm a hand full, I can make you like your hair pulled


Verse 2: bitches ain't trippin mine ain't either, do yo Gudda yungin might teach ya (get uhm!), bitches wanna be thugs, in one night hit up like three clubs, she gotta eat hustle is a edible, when it come to anything she do what you tell her too, drippin like a faucet better be cautious, work in the bedroom turn into an office, are. Kelly coming back I'm a flirt, she lick my tatts when I come out the shirt (Gudda), Ray bans... Fresh fade, war wounds tatts showing like a ese, fly and Gudda yeah ima mixture, if it look fat ima have to take a picture, Bubbs got next ima leave it to him, shorty like a pool if it's deep ima swim


Interlude: You can love it or can hate, but I got it just in case, grab and pull em off your waist, like your aiming for his face, like your aiming for his face (repeat)

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Do Yo Gudda Lyrics

Hitta J3 – Do Yo Gudda Lyrics

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