I'm bound to catch you singing with me
And I know how crazy that could be
So alone I'll try and build this energy but
You know I need you helping me
Take it slow
It's a break from what you're willing to be
You can go if this doesn't suit your needs
We wrote this song to say we wanna be free
So lets go we're moving to the beat

This is my life take it how you want to
But I'm belting this out for you.

I will, sit in my room where no one else is around
And I'll write about all of the ups and downs
I swear, the hardest part is singing to you but
I know it's what I'm born to do
It's all about meeting friends and having some fun
What else, could bring me ecstasy?
I hope this song can get you singing with me
It's easy with this beat and melody
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This Is My Life Lyrics

Hit Or Miss – This Is My Life Lyrics