(Turn it up, bliss)
Divine guidance

It's that gifted boy Hit
Always on that present ish
Treat everything like a holiday and I just got my settlement
Commas I tend to see, arrested development
And they can't snooze on my clique, the rest is irrelevant
We settled in, me and my fellowship
I can't tell you how long I've been telling them
Look what rejection did, questioning
Got a nigga rev'ed up, in charge
Like Charles on that sit-com
Got too many missed calls and my fam pissed off
But I swear to God I miss y'all on this tenth floor of this hotel
And it's cold as fuck out in New York
But what's up mama how is you enjoying your new porch?
That's just a portion of my appreciation
For everything that you laid
Inside of my soul, righting my wrongs
Telling me why, shit I should know
Seven years old I start to get cold
We go to the store said pick out a coat
It wasn't the Nike one but you still buy me one
And that's why I love you the most, wait
There's more that I need you to know
I love you for making me go to church on Fair Oaks
Sunday school early in the AM, didn't want to go
Sent prayers up on that church bench
Then a player got chose
Chasing them Franklins, trying to live like Kirk
This ain't for the faint of heart, I really put in work
'Cause I don't like to dream about getting paid
I'm 'bout my Luccini like Geechi Suede
Plus, I know somebody that know somebody
Grandma's favorite, Hov would relate
That's why we chop and cape
Known for the faith
Move mountains with the spirit of a giant
Who doubting I out 'em on some David and Goliath
Saving and supplying I ain't take the safe alliance
Ain't no sharing meals
They rather see you on a diet
I know niggas with priors and a quarter-life crisis
New cases my daddy's fighting got me praying for guidance
Ain't no textbook lessons when that checkbook's shredded
Either way another day is another blessing, I'm restless
This the seventh day I haven't rested
I hope my niggas get away before they get arrested
It's too much time invested in doing time
Clock's ticking, mama crying
Stop tripping, make up your mind
Make up for time lost behind
We lost and behind
Orderly fashion, rich woman closet
It's all by design

In memory of
Rest in peace to William Jackson
Rest in peace to fashion
That's my family
I remember used to ride around
Used to tell me I was gonna be a star
You was gonna do my videos
I'm finna go up, just for y'all

It's gospel in these sixteens, every word I speak
Cooking a remedy
HB minsitries
OG's who took trips for the bread
Then took trips to the feds told me not to be misled
Use your head
A nigga got this shit down to a science now
Neil deGrasse Tyson, it's easy to cast judgement when you're unenlightened
Fingers sticky from the chronic leaves
Still falling to my knees hundreds falling out my jeans at the offering
Let the choir sing
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Divine Guidance Lyrics

Hit-Boy – Divine Guidance Lyrics