I'm doing laps of an empty car park,
Trying to piece together things in my head,
Looking for a glimpse of inspiration,
Just something to keep me in over my head,
And this guy keeps making bad jokes,
I guess it sheds some light on this place,
I'm doubting my sense of judgement,
Or if I'll ever see the day when I'm satisfied,
Without a plan to escape.

There's distance between my best friends,
And the places that keep me sane,
For the sake of an accomplishment,
But some pride I might maintain,
I guess I'm just making progress,
For lack of a better word,
I'll spend my life running from hopelessness,
I'll never be deterred.

Stealing flowers from gravestones,
For our own selfish needs,
I'm pretty sure that Bobby doesn't mind,
He's been gone since eighty three,
We're getting better,
I lost part of myself it seems,
But I'm not dead yet.

Change could be the best thing that happened to me,
But it can be devastating when you look back,
See the people that you once gave chances,
Have turned their backs with no second glances.

I'm not okay with just being okay,
I'm not.
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Over Being Under Lyrics

Highlives – Over Being Under Lyrics