I never put much thought into the future
I lived day to day but honey that changed
And you should know by now
It's all because of you when I say
That I'm growing up to be a better person
Still exposed to a life I know and love
All I need are the people here around
And to see your face when the sun comes up

There's something Pulling Me Down I can't control
And it's calling me home
And something's Pulling Me Down, it won't let go
Can you feel it now?
On and on, I carry on in hope that I can find someone
Or something waiting for me beside the sea
Here in California

I've got a lot to say, but not enough time
To get it all out, you always had me tongue-tied
I wanna get it right so you can get insight
And understand exactly what is I realized
Never had a lot in life but it never bothered me
No no, it never bothered me
Cause I knew that you were out there somewhere
Patiently, still far away from
Will you wait for me?
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Pulling Me Down Lyrics

Hideouts – Pulling Me Down Lyrics