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Another White Rapper Lyrics

Hi-Rez – Another White Rapper Lyrics

Another white rapper?
You can't be serious

Now there's six million ways to kill a record, I'm selling the devil, I feel [that your petty ] with all these puppet rappers
They should probably get a golden globe cause they just actors
[?] I think it's time to see pastor or a preacher
Fuck my high school teachers, they said I wasn't shit, now [?] five thousand for a feature
Hey, but boy, that's light work, I'm a cyborg with a side whore, my eyes sore because I haven't been slept in a couple of days, independent like July 4th
Fuck an hourly salary, cowards, get down and bow to me
A [?] I need a crown and a thousand pounds of sour D
But never count me out I'm in a box of carry out and if this was a game of chess, I'm a king, you're a lousy piece
Grandpa died of cancer and my brother, he got diagnosed
The other day I got bribed I guess the devil kinda close
I suppose if I [?] me because I got dough, but I'm a [?]
The only time you see green is when you wipe your nose
Pulling up and sipping Mama jobless for a minute, they had to revoke the Civic, there ain't no food in the kitchen, my father crawling through attics, killing bugs for a living, my homie up in the hospital, never paid him a visit
The shit you have a nightmare about I actually live with
I'm out this world like an astronomer studying astrophysics
Doctors diagnosed me with depression; I'm the ill-est
And if you really want it motherfucker you can get it
From the 'burbs to the projects, these rappers just spitting at nonsense
This, there line here about treating women like objects
I'm toxic, you not sick, was born broke, then got rich, I'm hot shit, you not shit, stick a fork in a socket. Haha
I'm just fucking with y'all, I'm sipping that liquor and chilling with [?] while you fucking a [?]
I'm on the international tour fucking abroad
Get it?
Making money like it's nothing at all, it's mathematics
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