Hello momma don't blame me
If I look a little
Out of control
But life is a bomb offiler
You worth the livin'
And it tells your home
I said it's nerve wrecking,
Pretty brains crackin business full of hate and booze, Oh mama
I got the showbiz blues

Lemme tell ya
Last night I got filmed
By jeff idol
Some Grammin jaw
To pull my ear
Won't you tell me momma
Was it plain suspicion or..
Real lighting that he feared
Its a nerve wrecking
Pretty brain crashing business full of dope and blues, help me momma
I got the showbiz blues

Solo's (a a b)

Jivin Johnny was dumpin
Dry leaves on my new pair of shoes
I said bybye bundy
Bundy bum boy
You pull a close.... Substitute
Its a nerve wrecking
Mighty brains crashing
Business for me to do
Full o hate and booze,
The showbizz blues


All I want is some
Hurley been fishin
All I wanted flame at rock n roll
And it's a nerve wrecking
Pretty brains crackin
For me to do
Oh mama
I got the showbiz blues

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Showbizz Blues Lyrics

Herman Brood – Showbizz Blues Lyrics