Breaking down the walls we were forced to build, breaking down your walls,
Liberating the victims you prayed on, the victims you deceived,
A new day has dawned, no longer in denial, waking up won't wash away all the times you betrayed.
Face your defeat.
Taking back wasted days, open your eyes, we can't stand for your abuse anymore,
Living life to witness your demise.
Together you can't walk over us, you can't put us down anymore.
We don't believe.
We are the victims of our own mistakes, weren't the ones who were in the wrong,
Standing up fighting for our rights, you said we weren't worth shit.
The tables turn.
In your face you can't escape your past you can't run or hide.
Your abuse is staring you in the face.
No mater what you do or say.
Face your defeat.
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Face Your Defeat Lyrics

Her Nightmare – Face Your Defeat Lyrics