O'er the field, past the pines
Where the treeline met the sky
Did I direct my mind's eye
To ask a single question, "why"
Why are the buttheads all in charge?
With egos so large?
Why is the whole system a lie?
Designed to crucify
Anything good that we once knew
Anything wonderful and true
And with the thundering of drums
Did the answer come

Stupid human, you can't even see
You're set to burn here eternally
Bound together with your fellow man
Set against yourselves since time began

Wizard, you and I shall fight
For the reclamation of the light
Your human powers are wee
You are no match for me

Pestilence, hatred war and greed
Slaughtering each other on the land and sea
Locked in a constant battle for nothing
Til the end of your life, i'll have you running

And when that stupid demon thought that i was done
It was only then that i'd begun
To make sure that the tables were turned
With a guitar solo that frankly burned

Demon, before the night is through
You shall curse my kung fu
Demon, your world shall be rocked
And you shall

Demon you and I shall fight
Your demon face I shall smite
All of your powers are wee
You shouldn't mess with me
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Wizard Vs Demon Lyrics

Henry Metal – Wizard Vs Demon Lyrics