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November Dreams Lyrics

Hendersin – November Dreams Lyrics

Which way will I take?
Which road will bring me back to home?
My thousand pathways
So far from where I wanna be
So far from, so far from
So far from where I wanna be
Am I wrong? Am I right?
Now I hear, "Come on home"

[Verse 1]
Yo, yo
Hey again, weigh me in
It's 'bout time they met they match
Wanted more, so fuck the door
I came through and broke the latch
I never doubt, I never count
My eggs, but they about to hatch
I switch it up and mix it up
I hope that you like the batch

They were throwin' shots, now I really understand (-Stand)
Now you hatin' just like Caitlyn 'cause you used to be the man (Man)
Only people that I'm helping is a family, friend, or fan (Fan)
I work from home, y'all nerds at home
Y'alls do it for the 'Gram

[Verse 2]
And I know that this appalling
But I'ma be revered next
Burnin' through this money, you would think we hand 'em seared checks
I'ma grow a beard next
Yes, that is a weird flex
But honestly, don't give a F
You would think I feared sex
Gratitude's my attitude
I'm humble or I crumble
I don't care if they do mumble
I pick up slack like a fumble
I was blocking all my blessings like my last name was Mutombo
Now I'm back up in the jungle and I'm so ready to rumble

[Verse 3]
Understand me, is you Yanny?
I ain't restin' on my Laurels (No, no)
Flow is gettin' deep, I bet that you can see the corals (So low)
Flowers never pick themselves, what up my fellow florals?
And I'm not the type to compromise when Nick comes to my morals
Because I just need some inner peace
I'm just tryna deal with self
I just had a fan who told me that they didn't kill themselves—because of me
I am the reason that they still here
Honestly, that's the reason why I'm fuckin' still here
Tryna make a change means more than makin' dough
Yes, the subject's gettin' heavy, so it's way more than you know
And I promise I'll get happiness, by any means
If you stay long enough, I'll show you all of my November Dreams

Which way will I take? (Yeah)
Which road will bring me back to home?
My thousand pathways
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