(Dan Messe)

In the summer of my wedding
As the corn burned in the field
Oh I lay down for my Baby
And let the sweet smoke stain my heels

Well I lay there til the midnight
When the dogs, they run through town
And I rose up just to listen
And I never lay back down

Then the morning, it came upon me
And I set my soul to search
From the tall grass down the main road
To the stained glass at the church

Lord my shepard help me pray
Though I left my heart to stray
Though I left my heart untrue
I can follow
I do
I do

And I can name them in my dreaming
I can set my soul to rest
I can chain them to my body
Let them settle at my breast

Now see them coming to my wedding
Where I will teach them not to stray
Oh they'll carry my salvation
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Strays Lyrics

Hem – Strays Lyrics

Songwriters: DANIEL R. MESSE
Strays lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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