Deep in the angry city
The hatred starts to wake
You and the boys and their turf
Another chance to take
Mom and dad told you
Never steal or hate
Vandalize to compromise
Duties through the night

Frustrations only grow
A face of hatred shows
Rivalry is all you know
To rule the streets, to run the show

To prove your grounds
You proudly take a stance
It's time again to fight
It's time to dance
The hour is here to take a chance
Turn back and you take a second glance

You wear the uniform
That picks your side
You were danger to help
Feed your pride
Influent leaders
Control pressure closes in
Fight you must or die commit
The final sin


Another city boy played with
Killing toys
Toys that took his life
His mama cries
You have nothing left
To confess
So troubled child
You can rest
Come tomorrow who'll remember
Who'll know you
Your stay has become nothing new
We've accepted your ways
Life in the angry city
Where you'll find no reasoning
Where you'll find no pity

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No Second Chance (In The Angry City) Lyrics

Helstar – No Second Chance (In The Angry City) Lyrics