What I do if tou hold me tidht
What I do if you want mr to die
All of my life I was pray for you
All of my life I was hunting you

Fear has no noise fear has no smell
Fear has no voice but you hear it well
You're dreaming of death you wanna end game
Don't even try you will feel it again

Never, never, never say good - by
Cos you never, never try to die
Never, never, never tou'll be insane
Cos o know you like it anyway
Watch me

I feel I have no remorse, no pride
No plase to go, no return, no hide
Storm in my head blowing up my mind
Glad to be dead glad to all the kind

You gotta know, gotta know the sing
Sing of the fear of the morbid life
Rest of your days you will smiling mad
Rest of your days you will lay in bed
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The Fear Lyrics

Hellraiser – The Fear Lyrics