So many times I tried
To comfort whilst you cried
It seemed it never worked
So you carried on hurting

And now I’ve had to make a hard decision
I can’t stay when you say your heart is missin’
Something I just can’t provide
(Oh no, hey)

Get off my shoulders baby
You drag me down
You make me crazy

Get off my shoulders baby
I can’t be who you want me to be

I’m (not the cure)
I’m (not the cure)

You put me up so high
When I’ve no wings to fly
So I fell down to earth
And you’re amazed I ain’t perfect?
- (What the hell is perfect?)

So go now, I can’t waste my life, no, no more
You seem confused as to what I am here for
I can do without the nights, alone
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Not The Cure Lyrics

Hella Donna – Not The Cure Lyrics

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