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That's Life Lyrics

Helix – That's Life Lyrics

You say you got your troubles
Well I got mine too

That's life
Got that right
That's life

Work your fingers to the bone
To get some money saved
Everyday you're closer
One step closer to your grave

Everybody wants some
But I just want a taste
It's hard to make a living
In this day-to-day rat race

Everybody's got their hand out
But as far as I can see
I'm giving and their takin'
Another piece of me

That's life
Hard to believe
That's life
Who said it would be easy
That's life
Work your fingers to the bone
To get some money saved
That's life

The whole world's goin' crazy
And there's hardly room to move
And everytime you turn around
You step on someone's shoes

People to the left of you
And people to your right
You're stuck in the middle
Not a very pretty sight

And the fat cats just get richer
All I want's an even shake
And everytime I turn around
Somebody's on the take

That's life
It'll bring you to your knees
That's life
Squeeze ya till ya bleed
That's life
Don't look now but I think that
Big brothers watching you
That's life

Huh! Ha-ha! Yeah!

Nothing for nothing
That's what you get
Without a little sweat

That's right

That's life
And you hate the place you work at
That's life
And your boss is one big jerk
That's life
Gas, ass, or grass
Nobody rides for free
That's life
Yeah, yeah, that' right
That's life
Stranger than fiction
That's life
Oh shit happens ya know
That's life
That's life

That's life (That's life
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