Eating all the right food, taking all the right pills, turning on the TV,
Just trying to make the days a little shorter so the night comes quicker when I see you.
But the food doesn't work, and the pills don't work and the silence hurts,
Can't make myself fitter for you no matter how I try.
And the science fiction helps just a little, numbs a little piece of me,
And the noise from the neighbors helps just a little,
Stops me from missing you.
And the stabbing in my heart it starts once too often,
Why won't you soften those blows?
Cause what you do to me stays with me,
Oh Honey I can't wait till your with me,
I need your body underneath me, every single night.
All my soul record spin on the Hifi, make me feel like god is within me, but he's not, it's a lie, I am empty.
When you're gone, it's all wrong, need your hips in my hands,
Need your lips on my neck right now.
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The Science Fiction Lyrics

Hefner – The Science Fiction Lyrics

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