Deep inside the heart lurk
Betrayal and the lies
What way could I speak to be
Both mild and wise?
I canґt make it undone
Neither change my name
'fore you get forgiveness
Bit head off your shame.

I swear I never want to
Cause you harm or hurt
But which way I look now
My eyes will avert
I am you offending
The night is suspending
The sinner is awake
Itґs the hour of wolf.

Iґve told you that I love you
And itґs also true
But there is someone else
And itґs not only you
I could gobble her up, with
Drooling jaws her take,
And I would also do so
Just for its own sake.

In my loneliness -
And noone else will know
My love is for both
Thatґs the cause of my woe -
With no punishment and
Without remorse?
Knowing this at least:
Itґs the hour of the beast.

May I come to you now
But for just a while
Luther has gone home and
I kiss you and smile
Then Iґll make my mind up
Yet there is some time
I see what Iґm doing
Itґs my life and my crime.

Until this very day
I saw myself as a lamb
And thatґs what I would be
And thatґs how it should be
Iґm giving it all up
My ultimate downfall
The sunlight of the morning
Will chase the wolf away.

Oh I ought not be asinging
Oh I should not be so meerying
Oh my love hast gone to wander
Oh my dear one went for journeying
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Hour Of The Beast (Vargtimmen) Lyrics

Hedningarna – Hour Of The Beast (Vargtimmen) Lyrics