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Always Lyrics

(hed) P.E. – Always Lyrics

Livin a life authentic
I’m a man of my word
Ya feel the fire in my heart
Always burn…

Following the passion
Like a fly to the light of my life
A handsome son and a beautiful wife

I never could’ve imagined in a million years
That my joy could outweigh my fear
I was lone
No matter what life might bring
I always found the heart and the soul to sing
We not alone

Writing about the pain
We all feel as a youth
Insecure, sensitive and confused

Everyone alive walks
With their own bloody cross to bare

We’re all connected by the struggle we share
We’re a family

Navigating through this world of insanity
Built upon a foundation of a greed and vanity

And ain't nothing can stop us now…no!
We The People hold all the power…yea!

Everyday people go on and one
We rise above
Ain't no matter what trouble come our way
We rise like the morning sun always and forever

Everyday people go on and on
Come what may
We go on and on, on and on, on and on and on

Always and forever

What an amazing time to be alive
The veil slowly lifts
Its hard to believe your eyes
Like how could we have been so blind for so long
Like how could I have been so wrong about everything

You can't swim without getting wet

The Babylon system makes it easy to forget whats real

Real love, real family a real wife

It’s a shock to realize you’ve been lied to your whole life

Way before 911 and Building 7

Ye must be born again if ya want to get to heaven

Nigga please, this soul is immortal

Indestructible, I arrived through a portal

Foolish mortal… there is no way out
No escape, you chose to be here
At this time and in this place

I’m just a spirit on a mf journey

Nahko said it best
“it all starts to make sense”
(medicine for the people, my favorite fucking band right now.
This guy nahko is a powerful force for good…)

Everyday people go on and on…
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