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Heavy Sky – WALK AWAY Lyrics

Take a look in these eyes,
And just tell me what you really see,
Is It someone passin’ by
Or someone who’s worth fightin’ for,

I just don’t know why
We have to wear some pretty faces all the time,
To get through the night,
To live a cold lie,

As much as I hide,
I get this feelin, that slowly kills me inside,
If I could just be myself, you wouldn’t be mine,

Just walk away,
I’m not the one who you love,
What you see in me, is a lie,

Just walk away, I can’t be the one who you want,
I know I’m not worth a try,

I’m a soldier, in never ending wars,
I never wanted these gilded cages or roles,
They made me nothin’ in this masquerade,

You say wearin’ faces will keep us alive,
But how can I call It livin when I die every time to stay alive?
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