So here I am, again
Lost and confused
Not really sure where to go
Haven't found what I am looking for
So I am back where you put me, on the floor
I keep pulling myself in, and it is killing me in the end
Your off as always, leaving me behind
I bite my lip, and push it to the back of my mind
To either fall or survive, either one is no different to you
Guess that shows what I mean after all you do
Makes me weak
By Day my mind is completely occupied
I have not a care in the world
Drive home, drown it out with my car radio
As soon as I drive up, I'm caught in the under pass
What is it gonna take?
To get away from my mind tonight??
When the weakness sets in
My hand leans toward my phone, when I know it should just leave it well enough alone
Where does my strength go, If only I can find it, and hold onto it
Just until that sun comes shining through my window
Can't get away from everything you have done to me.
My anger haunts me in my dreams
Wish I could get some peace
But it's like a record playing over and over, all the bad you have done with ease.
Peaceful out here, underneath the stars.
Wind blow, so it can clear all the thoughts in my head
Just wash them away, and I will be okay
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Feelings Lyrics

Heather Nova – Feelings Lyrics