I’ve wasted too much time standing in line
Trying to make sense of my damaged pride
You can fool allot of people with a steady stare
But only you know the person hiding here
Promises are what’s pulling me through
I’m a spectator vying for an ocean view
Watch and listen, show and tell
Tossing lottery tickets in a wishing well

Now you want me to compromise
But would you do the same?
If I tear apart my grand design
I am nothing but a name

So don’t waste my time
Let it go, let it go
Don’t take what’s mine
Mine to own, mine to own,
There’s no safety net
So here I am relying on the
Five things you don’t want me to forget

You told me to look in the mirror everyday
And tell myself that I’m for real
And not let anyone’s opinions of my visions
Get in the way of how I feel
To stay true to what I know in my heart
To know I’m good and have been loved by you from the start

Now you want me to compromise
Sorry I won’t ever change
If I tear apart my grand design
I’m only in it for the game
I kept the letter that you wrote
Those words are forever saved
Always reminding me of
Those five things...
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Five Lyrics

Heather Mckenzie – Five Lyrics