I’d give you the moon, but you’ll never know the warmth of a sunshine.
I’d give you the world, but, exactly what would that do?
I promised you wings to fly, but how will you ever learn to ground?
So I wish you what you need, to be more than I could be.

This is what I wish for you.
I wish you rainy days, so you can know the beauty of a clear blue sky.
I wish you fallen leaves, so you’ll understand the seasons change.
And if I’d give you the mountains, would you like to climb?
I pray you’ll always see the flowers through the trees.
And this is what I wish for you,
And this is what I wish for you.

If I could’ve change the world I’d chase your fears away
And I’ll stay right that inside you so the way you should take.
This is your life, this is your story, and all it’s done at time,
Now you live with no regret.

I wish you ocean breeze and rivers that will bring you everything you
I wished the air you breathe is all that you will ever need.
And I wish you lots of love and days of joy and she’ll know when you cry.
And distant for loss to get you through goodbye.
And this is what I wish for you.

I pray one day you’ll have a home with arms that open wide
And you’ll have someone who loves you always by your side.
And if you lose your will to try, I wish you wings to fly, I wish you wings
To fly.

I wish you everything you need.

And this is what I wish for you,
This is what I wish for you
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I Wish Lyrics

Heather Headley – I Wish Lyrics

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