The swirling of dresses,
The scuffing of shoes-
"Should my hair be in tresses?"
"What tie do I choose?"-
As the hall fills with dancers,
And the strings start to sound-
We will take that first step,
And we won? T touch the ground-
For there? S only the music,
That plays on and on-
Yes, there? S only the music,
The heartaches are gone-
We can stand close together,
While the world dances by-
"Cause there? S only the music,
Between you and I-
Yes, there? S only the music,
Between you and I
A head on a shoulder,
An arm? Round a waist,
If the weather gets colder,
We both will be braced-
For what-ever the trouble,
We still have a chance-
If we hold hands together,
And take time to dance-
The clock hours bending,
The hands spinning? Round-
From beginning to ending,
As dancers we? Re bound-
With the memories like treasures,
All safe in their vaults-
When we hear the last measures,
We? Ll dance the grand waltz-
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Midsummer Lyrics

Heather Alexander – Midsummer Lyrics