Hey baby welcome to my home
Cali is not here so we’re all alone
I know we’ve tried this once before
But tonight will be the first time you roll.
Have you ever took a trip into the sky?
All around the moon and through the stars
The most amazing feeling in your life, good times, all in just one night.

I got this new batch on Friday
Transparent caps here drop this
Wash it down with the Actavis
The Sour will take us higher.

I know want to try this
Attracted to your nervous silence.
If it happens here it stays in my apartment
No sorrows, no laments.

Summer Nights in any weather
Please excuse my pressure.
But I guarantee pleasure.

Please excuse my pressure

Oh Oh

But I guarantee pleasure

Oh Oh

Please excuse my pressure
But I guarantee pleasure
Summer Nights, yes in any weather.
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Pressure Lyrics

Heath Antonio – Pressure Lyrics

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