Shake it off, let the day just fade away
Tonight will make it all ok
Got my friends, city lights and the vip
This could be the night of nights
I've waited too long, so long, to feel this way
To feel normal again
So take it slow, there's no rush, as the sun goes down
Get ready to dance

So if you feel this, let me see your hands up,
If you let go I promise you
If you just feel this, let me see your hands up
And let go

So just dance dance
Everybody move now
If you feel the music, try to lose control

Everybody dance dance
Feel if in your body
Let the beat just take you
And try to lose control

So dance

We're young and free, feeling good, and we own the night
We'll walk away from the 9-5
We're free to move, free to dance, cause the moments right
This place tonight, is what we call home
Feel the beat feel the bass through the stereo, hearts pounding in time
Slow motion lights, breathe the air as we come alive, we live forever
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Dance Dance Lyrics

Hearts In Stereo – Dance Dance Lyrics

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