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Magical Moustache Ride Lyrics

Heart Shaped Hate – Magical Moustache Ride Lyrics

I want you
Groins and loins
Come on baby get in
I'Ђ™ve got candy and toys
My little happy meal
It'Ђ™s a package deal
Red hamburger
Eat my fries
You're my plastic prize
Let'Ђ™s go on a magical moustache ride
Sandwiched in yr pre-pubescent thighs

Am I medium-rare?
Or am I just raw?

Chew on me
Grind yr teeth
Eat my meat
Eat my meat

Put me on the chopping block
Hack my head off (x4)
Put me on

Quick don'Ђ™t let me rot
Come on baby
Make it hot!
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