[Martin: step by step i added the parts together and had]
[amazing results, cool, huh? A vagabond tells a story]
[About friendship and unity which is much more important than money.]

We live on the sidewalk
On the path to hell
Seven golden years
For our farewell
It is not that easy
To move from place to place
Where we are
Begins a scornfull chase
We are not envited
We're so pitiful
Far away from home
And far off any rule
We all live under the sun
One for all and all for one
Allthough bad weather
And cold and dirty air
We don't give up in despair
Sometimes more satisfying
Belonging to the poor
Your friends are very close to you for sure
In the end don't regret
Cause we are feeling good
We don't like the kings
Just robin hood
We are not envited
We're so pitiful
Closer to our friends
And closer to the rule
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All For One Lyrics

Headstone Epitaph – All For One Lyrics