I fought my ght
And I've lived my life
And I've taken my time
Every night
You keep your mirror by your side in a familiar place
Look yourself in the eyes but never in the face
The lightning bug is brilliant but hasn't got a mind
He stumbles through his life with lights behind
And it's all right

From mountains high
From a seasoned strand
From where the fountains roll
From the coral sand
We did a braver thing than anybody did
But a braver thing comes to keep it hid
Beauties of the night that satisfy your eyes
Common people of the skies that vanish in moonlight
And it's all right

From Greenland's icy mountain
From India's coral strand
Where the sunny fountains roll down the golden sand
From an ancient river
From all the grassy plains
They'll call us to deliver their land from error's chain
And it's all right
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Head Like A Kite – Big FM Radio Hit Lyrics

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