There is no time for your ignorance
When will we realize we're being controlled
By a fake mindless monster?

There is no upper hand or a savior
You are the excretion of he who holds the odds
In life and death I am theoretically and immortally proclaimed
You've all been reckless to the eyes
When will the scent of the dead cease to exist,
Is is all we have left?

This is pain
God will not save you now

You've all been misinformed this is indeed the end of the world
Annihilation will be the only option to prevail
Holocausts of abandoned souls are lingering in your presence
Where do you leave your mark with nothing left?
No remorse...

Your god's creation has gone straight to hell

Abomination I have sworn upon your soul;
You've washed your face in deceit
Your pitiful god is dead and a casket doesn't lie
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Mislead Lyrics

He The Deceiver – Mislead Lyrics

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