I thought you knew me but it seems you never did
I tried to find you in the castle where you hid
I took the pictures that you ruined from my wall
No one remembered me, I was right after all

I am the villain to you
You are the princess to me
And I got you where I want you
Let love bring you to your knees
If I cannot have you darling, no one will
This fairy tale is ending
Rest in pieces

I am the hero to you
You are the villain to me
I jumped a building or two
To write this love story

I was the prince that every dame was looking for
But you gave your love to every jester at your door
I always knew that you would end up stepping out
That's what this cannon aimed at you is all about

I can't wash it off and I can't rinse it out
I can smell you on my clothes and I can taste you in my mouth
I can't shake it off and I can't get it out
You are everywhere I look and you are all I dream about
I never wanted it to end like this

Juliet, you know you want it
I never wanted it like this
You know you want it
Romeo, look at what you did
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Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of...) Lyrics

He Is Legend – Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of...) Lyrics

Songwriters: Steve Bache, Schuylar Croom, McKenzie Bell, Adam Tanbouz, Matt Williams
Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of...) lyrics © CAPITOL CHRISTIAN MUSIC GROUP

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