[Verse 1]
I'm high, your low, baby yeah this time
Kick of you shoes and well give it a go
And lets us know
Lets see what happens here

Baby come on over.

[Verse 2]
With that look in your eye
I hope to make you smile baby
See where I can take you baby

Come on over here.

Now I see the way you look at me and it makes me smile
I wish that you would be my girl just for a little while
So please....

Please baby come on over.

Now I said please come on over please come on over
Come on over baby

[Instrumental fill]

[Verse 3]
Now you been playing coy with me and hiding away
Come sit by my side baby
Come on over baby please

Come on over

[Verse 4]
You been playing games that you know you shouldn't play
Looking at me with those baby blue eyes
Looking that way
Come on over baby make me smile
I got something for you
I got something that will make you smile

Come on over baby

Instrumental outro
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Come On Over Baby Lyrics

Hazzardous Material – Come On Over Baby Lyrics

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