[El Lyrikah]Lyrical skill isn't measured on an income,
It's about the amount of wisdom.
Success is dependent on what you had to sacrifice,
It's funny, my mother could barely read or write.
After she gave me life
It took seventeen years for me to wake up
Most of my brothers still lack leadership
You can lead sheep to knowledge
But you can't make them read from it, so
We write for freedom, using hip hop as our voice for revolution
But the government keeps Che Guevara's hands in a glass jar
My head in a glass case or locked up behind bars
You can take my life but you won't touch my freedom
Pull the trigger, do you know what I become?
Without God you die twice
When you believe you receive eternal life

[Renee Soul]You can put me in chains
But you can't take my freedom
My freedom is a state of my mind
Put my body in a cage, release me free, yeah
You can put me in a case
But you can't take my freedom
Cus my freedom is a state of my mind
You can chase me but I'm writing free

[Logic]Look, I am the reincarnation of Steve Biko
Nothing that I write is for myself,
This is for my people
If I could, I'd make all the money shared equal
Reparations, By any means necessary isn't just a phrase
This is how I'm living day to day
See I studied how the angels pray
So I deliver in a similar way
I'm battling the devil through my pages
It's the only way he hears what I say

I still carry my slave name I hold it sacred
Cus it makes me living proof of how my people made it
Never reach for famous, I deserve my recognition
Certain man become free when they stuck in prison
It's deeper than the chains we were given
Deeper than Nostrodomus visions were polluted by the Isms
Paralyzed in the devils system, so
I always use my pen to give free wisdom,
I hope you listen

[Renee Soul]
[Haze]I've been fighting since the day that I was born
I've been writing since the day I was warned of this cold world
Since the day I felt it dorm with my soul dwell
I've been out here fighting in the war with my loneself
Breaking barriers or different calibers
Did it by myself no label or manager
Unanimous decision, We the truth, can you handle us?
Had enough of distributing food on a baggin up
Manning up, writing for the freedom, time to bat them up
This is for my brothers doing years, aint adding up
Got to she'd a tear, for those who lost too
And rally up the troops
All the people in the battle for the man above
People in the industry, keep asking me for happy stuff
But, how can I make happy music when the world sad as fuck
Had enough of living in a world that seemed mad as fuck
Writing for my freedom, no scaly tucks

[Renee Soul]
I feel it when I write
I feel it when I speek
The reason we alive
The reasons that we see
The path that we chose
The reason that we be
Writing to be free, for everyone, you and me
Freedom Writers...
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Freedom Writers Lyrics

Haze The Truth – Freedom Writers Lyrics

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