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Hear Dat Lyrics

Havoc – Hear Dat Lyrics

Let’s get it

Ain’t never had to grind, I’m seein how your heart break A off
You never take your day off, boy like the play off
Everybody frontin, you know that they’s gonna stay off
Motherfuckers thought they knew me, but nah they was laid off
Niggas tradin cars, yappin out the mouth
And could we talk about a life they ain’t move about
And wondered why niggas try to run up in they house
Gotta do the math on a bitch fore you get the stuff
Some of these hoes straight nut gags
And how you try to bend the crib butt ass
Shit be so real, I be dead as
24/7 yea, nigga I just break er less
Get money, give a fuck how a hater feel
My team give it up out here, straight yea
We took care of our own, they never popped off
Cop a ball motherfuckers, now the Glock off

[Chorus: x2]
Gotta do what you gotta do, I hear that
When things come back you better hear that
Niggas want they glock back, yea I hear that
Niggas dead on that, did you hear that?

I came back from runnin and can nobody change that feeling
People see you want chops, so many clapped feelings
Middle finger up to the sensitive
Go fuck yourself, dose of your own medicine
I’m on the cheddar bands, never was a settling for less
‘Cause anything less was just stress
Fuck distractions and the company you keep
We play for keeps, fuck you and your little beefs
Tryna grab that something your arms can’t reach
Could be of many other patients, me and my niggas feast
We don’t go hard, we beast
Hopefully you could leave in one piece
For the shit they did, niggas dig they own grave like it’s part of their belief
So I say rest in peace
You bitch ass niggas when you try to come at me

[Chorus: x2]

[Repeat x2]
Never gave a fuck how a nigga felt
Got my paper, big H, you know how I stay
Hustling shit, out the Xan I was fuckin dealt
And it’s all about the team, we don’t go for death

[Chorus: x2]
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