Yeah? Do I look like I care?
Your fucking scene, it's disgusting

Think in 5 years you're still here?
This shit. Isn't it ridiculous to you?
My opinion? Get fucking wasted

I've got my own philosophy
Have no will of your own

We just stay true to ourselves
You won't make it
Won't change our minds
We have the right to live
The right to choose

Get along with it
We fight with our fists until they break
Get along with it
We wont follow blindly the shit you did

We will never be the same, no I'll never conform to your beliefs

Being special by excluding?
Your militant movement
Will never be my way
It will never be my way

This is no call to arms, but this is food for thought
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Pony Slaystation Lyrics

Hate May Return – Pony Slaystation Lyrics