In the darkness of the night, I sometimes wonder was I right to leave you
Love without a smile, without a word, when all the while it hurt inside, to
Say goodbye, as you went, for another try at loving me, at pleasing me.

But though I try to leave you still afforded by against your will to tie me
Down, and make me stay, to keep the hills and seas at bay, to maketh me, a
Lonely man, a loving, but a lonely man, then just forgive, that's what you
Try to do.

And now within an empty day, I feel an ache about the way I let you end, I
Said goodbye, in case we meet, and want to try, again my love, to build a
Wall, to keep out, everything but all, our love could mean, oh what our
Love could mean.
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In The Darkness Lyrics

Harvey Andrews – In The Darkness Lyrics

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