I'm a lonely boy
I live beneath the staircase
My cousin is real fat
He makes my life a sad state

The Dursleys are my guardians
They are so mean and evil
If only I had some magic powers
Surely I could make them tremble

4 Privet Drive
Is where I lay my head
I wish that I could go
To another place instead

I am Harry Potter
I am Harry Potter

Today I got a letter
In the mail
My uncle took it right away from me
But more and more kept coming here
The letters jammed the living room
So he took me to a hotel
And on my eleventh birthday
I finally saw the writing on the card
And it said

I'm a wizard
I am a wizard
It said, I'm a wizard

Oh, I am Harry Potter
I am Harry Potter
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I Am A Wizard Lyrics

Harry And The Potters – I Am A Wizard Lyrics