What's hidden in the air?
There's a hint of romantic feeling
I'm looking at you secretly
You're also secretly looking at me
Seems like the world's getting something more
It doesn't feel the same anymore
Standing by your side
All become so much bigger


I'm still waiting for you
To love me silently
So long as you're by my side
Silently is good enough
You're also waiting for
My silent tenderness
Holding hands like this
Silently gazing at the sky

What's hidden inside this heart?
You are only trying to let me understand
It turns out that my dream
Is also yours


What's written on this piece of paper?
How I wish I could hear you say
Let every word, every sentence
Is filled with our smiles
Forever we shall remember of the promise we made to each other on that day
That sudden, bright spark
Belongs to us
Holding hands silently
Is the simplest dream...
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Silently (Jing Jing De - My English Translation) Lyrics

Harlem Yu (Yu Cheng Qing) – Silently (Jing Jing De - My English Translation) Lyrics

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