‘My way is a diss record to somebody
Who the beef was wit .. Hardluck
Didn’t this nigga say I was BossMobb
When was I ever?’

[Verse 1]
This goofy niggas got the goon all aggy
Like that two door caddy Its gonna spin around and do ya’ll badly
How you comin with your jewels all flashy like you dumb paid
Boy you on fakewatchbusta on the frontpage
I hear the sneak dissin that’s enough lame
You was having fun on that island ‘til that flood came
Fetty I’ll crack a bottle on your fake dreads
Monty I’ll put a hollow on that cum stain
The whole city pushed for this nigga what’d he do
Sold his soul booked on them niggas what’d he do
Left little punchy in the streets starving
I just seen little Remy and his sneaks talking
How you IG flexing with a fat knot
When your mama got a one room on a crack block
You niggas be mollied down cooking … weirdo
How you think you got the town looking … weirdo

[Verse 2]
I remember you would beg some nights
On the homie floor dreaming about a bed some nights
Probably wishing you was dead some nights
Probably still got the scars from them bed bug bites
Make me have them boys gripping up for you
Bring the choppers like them forties aint big enough for you
How you kick your own bro out the group
That’s a shame and that boy was just sticking up for you
Don’t you ever talk down on the BossMobb
That’s the same dumb shit that got your boss robbed
Gametime nigga I got two in
How you gonna respect a nigga with some glue-ins
That aint jersey motherfucker
Fuck a deal you still a dirty motherfucker (filthy)
And I know you niggas heard me motherfucker
And u know I know that bitch that gave you herpes motherfucker
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Remy Girlz Lyrics

Hardluck – Remy Girlz Lyrics

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