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Fat Cat Lyrics

Hardbone – Fat Cat Lyrics


You got a new car
Just bought a new house
Maybe a new pair of shoes

No need to worry
No need a word
And nothing givin you the blues

You get enough on 12 o'clock
Or maybe not at all
That same fucking problem
That you just solve with just one call

Never taking what you need
Always taking what you want

Fat cat

Fat cat just a hole for the money (2x)

Your just a fat cat

Fat cat just a hole for the money (2x)

No class at society
No troubles day and night
No? in your neighbour hood
You sleepping nice and tight

Your? friends they life in on your cash
They leave you standing proud
But there's one thing that you should know
There won't be pockets in your?

Repeat chorus

Just a hole for the money

Repeat chorus 2x

Fat cat
Oh yeah
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