It's late at night I'm danger in the streets!
You never know where I could be!
With fear in eyes you will run... From me!
It's 2 P. M. Right time for thrill!

Feel the cold caress of blade
Last moment of your life!
Let's the bloody show begins
A sacrifice in the night!

I got no face, I'm killing machine
Nightmare and fear of all human beigns
You cannot run, there's no place to hide!
On wings of death to hell you will fly!

Nightstalker watchin' you... Beware!
Let the blood of innocent be spilled once again
Nightstalker watchin' you... Beware!
Your soul is captured, you came here to stay

I Stealing through the town Evil and Mean!
I am Nightstalker I've never been seen!
You walk alone and that's a mistake!
A one more life I have to take!
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Nightstalker Lyrics

Hard Ride – Nightstalker Lyrics