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Ghetto Diamond Lyrics

Hard 2 Obtain – Ghetto Diamond Lyrics

A G. D. About five three
With the hunky dorey type of smell goods on
With the Timb boots and the hoodie yea troop
Constitute that the chick really got it goin on
At this right time she can get sentimental
But never too good to puff a blunt with my people
She can even tap my brew when it comes around and holsters
With my crew my Ghetto Diamond is elite Boo
Hah an hourglass can't really see that ass
Cause she got a pair of baggy jeans on, Au-Zi
Look at honey go with those bangle earrings
Please Shorty put me on, cause...
"Lovin you! Is easy cause you're beautiful, and
Ah doo-doo do-doo! " Peace to all my G. D. 's
Check it out

Chorus: H2o

A G. D., what? A G. D... What?
A Ghetto Diamond is a man's best friend
(repeat 4X)

To tell the truth, she's pure like juice
I'm slick like Rick James, and Bustin Loose
About her big, pretty brown eyes
Hourglass figure, and shapely thighs
That ain't the half, breath so sweet
Full figured calves and her s*** feet
From toe to head, from the darkest meat
To the bones that's red, and I repeat
Hourglass figure, and I'm on beat
To my chicks and my niggaz, in the street
And that's where we stay so we can compete
From the tips of her nails, to the depths of her
My man, and my crew, hell
A Ghetto Diamond

"To the most beautiful black woman of the hour"


A Shorty doo-wop, with the Nike high-top
Scully pulled down so you can't see her eyes Hobb
A Diamond in the rough that likes to puff the stuff
Who get her head on straight, so she don't hang too tough
Once in a while, she might play the block
Not a Gangsta bitch, cause she don't have a Glock
Not that nothing's wrong with that
But the Ghetto Diamonds I fuck with they don't carry gats
They leave the bustin to me
She might drive the getaway car if I so choose G
But we ain't with that, the shit is detrimental
I'd rather have a honey with a slammin ass mental
So peep the drama, c'mere little mama
With your Bulls hat tipped and your pants saggin Palmer
To all my Ghetto Diamonds blows up with the ep
I'd like to say peace to the massive, and the crazy fat asses
Huh, you know what? A Ghetto Diamond is a man's best friend

Chorus to fade
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