Carnivores and so am I
Bothered you with restless nights
Symphonies and energies
Calling me when you're in dreams

Center folds when I'm unleashed
A microscopic summer breeze
Suddenly becomes a storm
In black leather uniform

When sounds of music incarnate
In shape of human form
These beautiful eyes that I have seen
Reflect my favorite songs

The dark has been my only friend
As shadows they for filled
Black vultures begging me to die
The jackals on these hills... The jackals on these hills

I wrapped myself in, all alone
Her silhouette could take me home, again
Right there where I was born
The drones, where strings cry minor tones

The pounding of my heart wakes me up again
And now, here I stand
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Summer Breeze Lyrics

Harald Axel Heymans – Summer Breeze Lyrics

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