(David Barratt/Carl L. Marsh)

Live on the shelf life on the corner
Deal with the real world
Cease and desist
Don't cut it up girl I see you
In the morning
A tender apparition coming
Out of the mist

You're on a chain gang working
In limbo
Every little motion tied to a risk
Well you wanna be a lover
Maybe undercover baby
Gimme information and i'll save it
To disc

I don't want to wait
Don't want to see the light
Fade out the cab babe
Get ou the cab
If you think the universe was made
To drive you mad
Get out the cab babe
Get out the cab

High on the hog high wire humming
Race with a spaceman planet
And stars
It's only love girl
I think I hear it coming
Sing hallelujah
While I'm crashing the car
You're insane man
Talking in a strange tongue
Too much emotion nothing to lose
Swimming in the wishing well
Do a kiss and tell
Gimme satisfaction
'cause I'm getting the blues
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Get Out The Cab, Babe Lyrics

Happyhead – Get Out The Cab, Babe Lyrics

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