Verse 1 (girl)
I looked into the mirror then I saw my eyes, staring at you whom I love
And I realize that I've been crazy for you,
All the time in my lovely life that I have.
As I use my phones to listen to the music but all I heard was the voice coming out from your mouth

Pre-chorus: can you feel that? Can you even hear me? Saying...

I love you and you love me, we love each other just like Barney
Sometimes we go back to our childish memories
We've been in fight just to make things right
You trust me and I trust and you just hold my hand and then you say
Me and you (ohhh-ho)

Verse 2 (boy)
I looked into your mirror then I saw your eyes and thinking if you love someone else
And I've felt that I've been fooled by my young heart cause you've always been thinking of him
So I call your name and called your name to make you mine always be mine for ever and ever (go back to pre-chorus then chorus2x)
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Me And You Lyrics

Hanna Regis & Ara Cayasan – Me And You Lyrics

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