I wanna hide from the sun, wanna end this chase, I do
I wanna take off and run without a single trace, I do
I suppose this time it'd be worth to stick here for you

I've been walking alone in this lonely room, haven't you
I've been watching the stars and their heartache gloom, haven't you
Now you've come into my life and I'm not sure what to do
I've coached myself to run from the likes of you

This wall is falling, you came without a warning
You came out of the blue, you tore my curfew
Your eyes they floor me, you came with out a warning
You came to my rescue
Just like lovers do

For seven weeks it's all roses and no thorns, so good
You drown me in posies of all sorts, all good
And we're so in love that I feel like I was reborn
As you make me part of your life, sentiments are sworn

This wall is falling, you came without a warning
You came and made us two, but the change, it came too soon
Your eyes ignore me, I came without a warning
It soon all felt untrue

Who the hell I cry
I'm getting way too tired
Too many times I've come across this same old plight
Just another barfly, just another smooth eyed sly
Why to cry? Why?

This wall is falling, you left without a warning
You left with your tattoos, in my heart there's one for you
Your eyes ignore me, you left without a warning
You left out of the blue

This wall is falling, I should've seen it coming
I should've seen it coming, it never lasts, I knew
Your eyes they bore me, look at me I'm running
I'm running away from you
Just like a lovers do
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Lovers Lyrics

Hanna Pakarinen – Lovers Lyrics